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Garments By David


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The Best T-Shirts In The World.

The Reversible Inside-Out T-Shirt took a year to develop and is crafted from a 280GSM Premium Cotton, which compliments the the boxy fit it comes in.

Design details feature single stitching, a thick collar and darts on the back of your shoulders to emphasize its fit. Next to that, the T-Shirt can be worn on both sides, which gives you a different look.
The Garments By David branded tags can be found on both sides of the T-Shirt and have a unique design with blind stitching, each tag took 20 minutes to sew in by hand. A lot of effort, love and eye for detail created this beautiful product.

GARMENT INFORMATION: - 100% Cotton - 280 g/m²
SIZE XS: Length 73cm/Width 58cm
SIZE S: Length 74cm/Width 61,5cm 
SIZE M: Length 75cm/ Width 64,5cm 
SIZE L: Length 76cm/ Width 68cm 
SIZE XL: Length 77cm/Width 71,5cm

*Please note, the fit is oversized and boxy, please check @garmentsbydavid on Instagram for fit-pictures.